The day started out very warm with a forecast of high temperatures and high humidity.
After Meeting up with the ride group ( 10 riders ) it was agreed that the original ride route should be modified to take advantage of the additional shade and cool breezes along the Orphan School creek trail.
This is always an enjoyable ride with its many views of the creek and surrounds with all the feathered and scaly wildlife to be seen. I like how it’s so easy to ride along and chat about anything, the Kilometers just drift by.
Talk drifted to the subject of the Western Sydney Bicycle Network so it was decided to drop by their clubhouse for a quick chat.
The ride continued along the creek to Cowpasture road and then we doubled back to the T/Way and on to Bonnyrigg Shopping center for a break and to load up on assorted fluids and yummy carbs and to just cool down a bit.
Braving the heat we set off again along the T/Way toward Hoxton Park Rd, it appeared that it was even too hot for the resident Magpies near Miller TAFE.
The ride then returned to Liverpool via the T/Way along Hoxton Park Rd.
The general consensus  was it was a good day but would have been better if the temperature was a little kinder to us.
The total distance covered was the same as the ride originally planned but much more friendly on the riders.
Thanks to all who came along, see you next ride. Phillip Jackson

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