We are actively working towards improving the conditions for bicycle riders in the Liverpool and Fairfield area. While we tend to focus our activities on the immediate local area we also have an interest in those areas where our members regularly ride and particularly if that area does not have a local bicycle user group.

2014 activities

  • In July we started work on the first of our ride sheets. We’re hoping to have a small number available online in August.
  • In July we provided feedback to Liverpool Council about their plans to develop a smart phone app for their active travel map. We suggested that the council also consider updating existing online cycling wayfinding services, (such as Google directions for bike and Ride the City) with new local paths.
  • In July we met with Craig Kelly, federal member for Hughes whose electorate covers Liverpool’s CBD. We discussed our submission to Our New City and future development plans on the edge of the CBD and within the city.
  • In June we submitted our response to Liverpool Council’s Our New City revitalisation plans. You can see our  submission here.
  • In May we purchased a jpeg of the Liverpool Active Travel Map with just cycling and walking routes shown (minus the bus routes). We’ll be using this to create some local ride sheets.
  • In April we started reviewing the Liverpool Bike Plan. We have developed detailed feedback on the introductory sections of the plan. Later in the year we will work on identifying missing links in the network.
  •  In March our members participated in the Super Tuesday Bike Count, Australia’s biggest visual bike count. Each Bike Liverpool volunteer earned us $50.
  • In February members participated in a recreational count of weekend riders. Each Bike Liverpool volunteer earned us $120.

2013 activities

  • In late 2013 we’re starting work to identify missing links in the Liverpool Council bicycle network and reviewing the council’s bicycle plan.
  • From June to July we reviewed Liverpool Council’s draft of the Liverpool Fairfield Active Travel map. The map shows cycling and walking paths, on road cycling routes and bus routes. We held a workshop to review the map and identified a number of missing paths and questioned some of the proposed on-road routes. Members also rode the map area and provided detailed feedback on the positions of bike parking and water bubblers. We have paid to have a map produced that shows just bicycle routes (rather than the bus routes and bus stops) and will make this available on our website once available. The money for this was raised through membership fees and participation in the Super Tuesday bicycle count.
  • In March our members participated in the Super Tuesday Bike Count, Australia’s biggest visual bike count. Each Bike Liverpool volunteer earned us $50.
  • In February we provided feedback to Roads and Maritime Services about the NSW Government’s bicycleinfo Cycleway Finder, informing them of missing and incorrectly labelled infrastructure. You can see the online resource here.
  • We prepared a submission in response to Liverpool Council’s landscape plans for the new Carnes Hill Community Centre. The plans propose a new shared path. We want to ensure that the new path connects with the existing cycling infrastructure and shopping centre.
  • In late 2012 the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) made public plans to widen Narellan Road. In early 2013 we wrote to the project team to express our concerns about the apparent lack of provision for bicycle riders in the proposal. In the following exhibition period the plans showed that a new shared path will be provided along with on road shoulder lanes.