Bikes on public transport

Bikes on trains

When the Opal card was introduced the charge for bikes on Sydney metropolitan trains in peak times was quietly dropped.  Make sure your bike does not block doors and passageways. Riding bikes, skateboards, scooters or skates on stations and trains is not permitted. Motorised scooters or bikes with petrol motors are not permitted.

Regional and interstate trains will carry bikes but they must be booked and boxed. A fee of $12.10 and a weight limit of 20 kilograms applies. There is no charge for folding bicycles in a protective cover, no larger than 79cm long, 59cm high and 36cm wide. The NSW Trainlink Website has more details.

Bikes on buses

Unlike Canberra, most Sydney buses do not have capacity to carry bikes. When there is trackwork on the train lines some bus drivers will allow you to take your bike on board. This is at the driver’s discretion. You may take a folding bike on a bus.

Bikes on light rail

You can take your bicycle on Sydney’s light rail free of charge at any time, but staff may restrict the number of bicycles or refuse access when carriages are crowded.

Bikes on ferries

Bicycles are allowed on Sydney Ferries vessels for free, subject to availability of space. You can also take your bike on the Manly Fast Ferry for free. The ferry from Bundeena to Cronulla charges a child’s fare to carry a bike.