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No upcoming rides scheduled, please check back soon.

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    • Hi Stephen. We have in the past but I think the ride leaders have found Sundays work for more people. I’ll ask Phillip, our rides coordinator, to contact you directly.

      • Hello Stephen. I can remember a Saturday ride to Warwick Farm Markets, but this was a long while ago. We have found that Sundays are more accessable to most of the LiveBUG crew. One of our regular riders (Paul) also rides with Western Sydney Cycle Network (WSCN) who meet at their clubhouse at the back of Fairfield Showgrounds. They hold regular Saturday rides for their keen regular riders. and they also hold a ride on the first Sunday of the Month. They have a website, google WSCN and you’ll find more about them.
        In the meantime keep in touch with our website and with any luck we may see you out on one of our Sunday rides, I hope one of our Sunday rides will tempt you.

    • Hi Austin. Each ride has a ride leader listed with their mobile. We ask that you call or message the leader to let them know you are planning to join the ride. Then we can contact you if there are any last minute changes and we know to wait for you if you are running late for some reason. Elaena

  1. Just wondering are there any age requirements of fitness requirements. I have a mountain bike, 16 years old and on average around 12-15km/h speed. Just wondering if i am eligible for the rides

  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone is free to join these rides? I live in sutherland shire but I’m not aware if any similar groups in my area and I’d love to come along. Do i need to join or sign up?

    • Hi Nat. Yes, we welcome everyone. You don’t need to be a member to join the rides, but if you would like to join the fee is $10 a year.

  3. Hi

    My name is Robert and I have just moved to a unit in Warwick Farm. I am beginning to research the possibility of riding along side the M7. I know there is a lot of information available , but thought I might just ask a quick question , to complement my research , as I faiedl to find what I was looking for at my first attempt.

    I used to live in West Ryde and I could easily plonk my bike in my car and travel to Meadowbank Park , unload the bike and easily make my way to Sydney Olympic Park via the back streets and the cycle paths with relative ease.

    Do you know of a similar type access point where I could park my car , I am near orange grove , and then join the M7 , and then roll out a leisurely 20 kms or so. I have not been on the bike for a while , and would like to build up some miles In the old legs with a view to joining the group on a sunday morning ride or 2.



    • Hi Robert – welcome to the Liverpool area.

      An easy access point to the M7 path would be the Wilson Road entrance. There’s parking available at Hoxton Park Reserve. Take Hoxton Park Road and turn right onto Whitford Road. Then take the first left onto Topnot Ave and then first left onto Wilson Rd. Entrance to the car park is on your left. Path entrance to the M7 is just across the road from the car park entrance.

      You’re welcome on our rides no matter what your fitness level is. Our rides are paced to the slowest rider in the group and no one is ever left behind. We look forward to seeing you on a ride – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions about riding in the local area.

      • I forgot to mention that you can also safely ride along Hoxton Park Road using the shared user path and side access streets. We often use this route on our rides. It’s also reasonably flat with only a couple of small rises along the way.

      • Thanks Elaena for the reply.

        I will scope this access point on the weekend and go for a few rides to see I can cope with distance of the ride on the 20th. I used to ride for a few years with the ryde bugs and I understand no man or woman is left behind.


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